'The Bachelor' Introduces The Amazing Jar, Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel, Which is The Next Best Thing to The Douchebag Jar

Monday night's episode of The Bachelor introduced a very important concept: The Amazing Jar. And in case you're wondering how it works, it's pretty much exactly how it sounds — every time someone says the word "amazing," they have to put a dollar in the jar. It's similar to New Girl's Douchebag Jar in all the right ways, because The Bach has needed something like this for a long time. You've probably noticed that after 19 seasons, the vocabulary hasn't changed much. Everything on this show is "amazing," whether the contestants are describing dates, the experience in general, or Chris Soules himself. And less than halfway through the episode, the official Bachelor Amazing Jar was getting pretty full, so that just goes to show how desperately something like this was needed.

Also, could you imagine if there was a Stahhhhp Jar during Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette? I'm just saying it would have been an awesome opportunity for a solid cash collection. It's too late for that, but it's not too late to bring in a jar to collect money every time someone talks about the fact that Chris is a farmer, because three episodes in and I am already bored of the Iowa talk. ABC, take these suggestions seriously!

Meanwhile, I'm going to need an address to send Jimmy Kimmel a thank you note. Every change he's instituted so far during his appearance on the show is one I absolutely love, and I'm down for him becoming Chris Harrison's co-host full time.

Image: Chris Harrison/Instagram