How Is Harrison Wells Reverse-Flash? 'The Flash' Has A Lot of Time Travel Explaining To Do

After months of tireless speculation and a million different theories, we finally know for sure who "The Man in the Yellow Suit" is on The Flash. "Yes, I am Reverse-Flash,” Harrison Wells himself, Tom Cavanagh, told reporters during a panel at the Television Critics Association’s winter TV previews. Many fans have assumed that twist was coming since the beginning of The Flash's run, considering all of those tags at the end of each episode, which usually featured Wells doing strange and mysterious things. However, if you think this shuts the book on that mystery forever, you are wrong. It honestly only raises a million more questions, the biggest one being, how does Wells being Reverse-Flash even work?

Let's be honest, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense right now. Grab anyone who has so far watched all nine episodes of The Flash and ask them to, realistically and coherently, explain how Wells can be Reverse-Flash. It's kind of hard to do unless you know all the nuts and bolts of The Flash comic and TV universes. And even then, it's still almost impossible to make sense of. But if you step back a little bit, and slowly look at all of the little nuances we know about Wells so far, slowly everything begins to add up. And then, it's kind of easy to see how Wells is Reverse-Flash. Really!

The biggest clue about Wells right now is the time travel factor. Anyone who's a fan of The Flash comics knows that time travel plays a huge part in that story, with Barry Allen, Reverse-Flash, and even Iris West all being heavily affected by it. And thanks to TVLine, we know for a fact that time travel will be addressed on The Flash. How exactly it'll be addressed is still anyone's guess, but as soon as we uncover that big puzzle piece, it'll probably unlock a lot of things about Wells.

We don't yet know if Wells is in fact from the future, or if he's a present day citizen of Central City who has traveled to the future. Remember when Barry lost his powers for a little bit, and Wells consequently completely lost it? He kept consulting his futuristic newspaper, which had changed, in sort of a Reverse-Back-to-the-Future-type way. Due to this, it might be safe to guess that Wells is actually from the future, and has come back in time to ensure that everything goes according to his future plan.

Time travel. It's crazy.

Another big thing to consider is the fact that in the comics, Reverse-Flash (also known as Doctor Zoom) is obsessed with The Flash. Wells is pretty obsessed with Barry right now, too. So even though everything is a little bit crazy, at least the show is preparing to make everything seamlessly fit together — we hope.

But the real crazy part is still the fact that Reverse-Flash beat up present day Wells. Which means that either it wasn't Wells in that Yellow Suit, or Wells came back from a different time/place to beat himself up. I know, I know, it's confusing. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I know. But we trust The Flash, right? I have the utmost faith in them to explain everything in due time. Until all those answers really come out, it'll be exciting to see how the rest of the Wells mysteries pile up — and then watch as they all slowly start to make sense.

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