50 Shades of Gray To Wear To "50 Shades of Grey," Because What Other Color Would You Be In To See The Movie?

The release of 50 Shades of Grey is less than a month away, and whether you'll be popping by the theatre for a low-key night or doing a dressed-up dinner and movie date with your best girlfriends, you know what color you'll be wearing. Here are 50 gray pieces to really get you in mood... for movie-watching, that is.

Gray Love Heart Print Tank Top, $36,

Fitted Dress, $49.95,

Gray Suede Block Heel Booties, $60,

Burn Out Mr. Grey Tee Shirt, $36,

Skinny Moto Ankle Jeans, $39.95,

Leopard Print Scarf, $17.95,

Gray Snake Skin Platform Sandals, $116,

Oversized Sweater, $12,

Boy Meets Girl Tee, $39.95,

High-Waisted Treggings, $24.95,

V-Neck Sweatshirt, $9.95,

Collarless Coat, $99.99,

Geo Knit Cape, $68,

Sweatshirt Skirt, $17.95,

Gray Jumpsuit, $30,

Mini Check Print Jersey Coat, $125,

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag, $265,

Double Layer Sheer and Solid Sweater, $70,

TOMS Leather Trim Sneakers, $78.95,

Faux Fur Vest, $125,

Loungewear Bomber Jacket, $35,

Flannel Oversized Button-Down, $88,

Embellished Ankle Socks, $9.48,

Geo-Tilt Shift Dress, $99.99,

Esprit Snake Belt, $54.96,

Leather-Edged Cardigan, $89.99,

Aasha Ankle Strap Flat, $29.98,

Beaded Knit Sweater, $24.67,

Silver Earrings, $60,

Hooded Moto Jacket, $34.80,

Flapjack Flannel Shirt, $64.50,

Embellished Headband, $13.27,

Printed Silk Jogger Pants, $109,

Loafers, $32.22,

Warehouse Cape Coat, $134.55,

Mini Faux Leather Backpack, $27.80,

Hype Hat, $24.62,

Cotton and Cashmere Color Block Sweater, $39.90,

Kate Spade Gray Watch, $125,

Gray sneakers, $47.38,

Turtleneck Crop Top, $58,

Triangle Necklace, $7.49,

Oversized Blanket Scarf, $30.32,


James Twiggy Leggings, $167,

Cargo Jacket, $176,

Cara Double-Sided Stud Earrings, $14.99,

Camo Print T-Shirt, $19.99,

Gray Crepe Blouse, $38,

Peplum Tee, $22.71,

Pandora Leather Wrap Bracelet, $45,