Carey Mulligan Goes Brunette, & We Love

Carey Mulligan has ditched her summery blonde locks for a gorgeous brunette that she showcased at this weekend's New York Film Festival.

The 28-year-old actress decided to debut her darker hair hue at the premiere of her new film Inside Llewyn Davis, in which she donned an even darker shade of brown playing Jean Berkey, the young folk songstress.

Annnnnd smitten, thanks.

If just looking at this picture makes you antsy to head to the salon — okay, admittedly probably the the hair dye aisle at CVS, but no judgement — immediately to do something drastic, consider these, too:

Rose Byrne going blonde:

Let's be honest: Rose Byrne could dye her hair sewage-green and we'd probably be into it. But, she's not a 12-year-old pop-punker, and she's got class oozing from every pore, and that's why we're into her. Instead, her recent transition to dirty blonde bombshell has us wanting to go lighter despite Autumn's arrival.

Chloe Moretz as a brunette:

When we grow up, we want to be as cool as Chloe Moretz. Oh, wait. She's 16? Fine then. Well, we'll steal her style — and her hair color.

Emma Stone back to blonde:

Although she admitted feeling most like herself as a redhead, Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde. Although we'll always have as a soft spot for Stone's trademark auburn tint, we welcome her bold hair color choices, because truthfully, she can do no wrong. Just ask Andrew Garfield.