Is The 'Nightly Show' Here to Stay?

Okay, I have to admit it: I haven't actually watched The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore yet (even though it premiered last night on Comedy Central) — but I'm already anxious to find out when we're going to be getting more episodes. After all, everything about the show (and its eponymous host) is just plain cool.

I'm so excited about all it's doing for diversity in late night TV (not to mention comedy — when I have time and money, I like to take improv classes and that's a scary, first-hand look at what a white male world comedy is) — heck, there's also its super diverse panel of contributors (including Shenaz Treasury, Ricky Velez, and Mike Yard), and it would have been called The Minority Report if Fox hadn't already stolen the name for a TV reboot of the 2002 Tom Cruise movie — what's not to like? It definitely has a lot going for it, but here's the thing: Just how many episodes of The Nightly Show did Comedy Central order? And when will we know if we get more of it?

It's tricky to say — some freshman shows do so well, it's clear almost immediately that they're headed for renewal (a la The CW's runaway critical hit, Jane the Virgin). Sometimes, things are more rocky; with the viewership is going up and down, and we're left on tenterhooks as the network struggles to decide the show's fate (a la the untimely-canceled Selfie). Where will things stand for The Nightly Show?

They're Starting Out With A Half Season

It's a mid-season replacement, so a smaller order of episodes like this (as opposed to a full season) is standard. We don't know yet when and/or if we're going to be getting a full season, but...

It's Already Doing Well

It's getting positive reviews right and left — The AV Club gave it a solid A-, and here at Bustle, the "Keep it 100" segment was particularly popular. The Nightly Show is doing quite well across the board — and that's got to bode well for its longevity, no?

We Should Know If The Show Gets Picked Up For a Second Season... Soon

It's really hard to say just what's going on right now — after all, the first episode only just aired. The fact that it was well-received is definitely a good sign, but who knows what magical alchemy goes on when Comedy Central chooses its shows?

Let's just hope they know they've got lightning in a bottle here!

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