Watch This Girl Fall Out Of A Car While Twerking

So, I'm just going to start this by saying if you're hanging out the door of a moving car and twerking, it's reasonably foreseeable that you will fall and be hurt, so I don't feel sorry for you at all (but I do hope you're okay, mostly so you can go home and get a talk from your mother). That's exactly what this girl did in the name of twerking, when she decided the best course of action was to lean out the open door of a moving car while doing the dance move. Of course she fell out onto the road. Of course she did. I'm going to go ahead and guess she survived without any serious injury given that the video is now on the Internet. Who do we thank for this infinite stupidity? Is this some kind of new trend in "next level" twerking? Am I getting old because I don't think this is funny or cute, I just think this girl should be grounded for two weeks by her parents (even if she is an adult) for being such a supreme moron?

Halfway through writing this, I decided to scroll down to the video's comments, for the same reason anyone looks at video comments: validation. In this case, I was looking to see that my feeling that this girl was being very irresponsible with her risky twerking was the common one. Yes, there were people who agreed with me. But unfortunately, the majority of the comments are brutally racist. So now I want to do a complete 180 on my opinion of the twerking girl, and defend her to the bitter, bloody, falling-out-of-the-car end. Because yes, she's a damn fool for standing on a car seat with one foot on the open door of a moving car and twerking, but that's about as much as there is to say about it. For the record: every single racist comment is about a million billion trillion times more foolish than any sort of twerk-move. Watch her fall below.

Photo: _myko/Flickr