This Lip Care System = Ultimate Winter Must-Have

I'll admit it: I am a lip balm snob. So when my editor reached out about Bite's 5 Night Fix for Lips, I was hesitant to break my brand loyalty. However, I also am suffering from ridiculously dry lips. So, at this point, with temperatures staying below 32 degrees for the past week, I am willing to try anything to fix my dry, cracked, and overall sad-looking pucker.

Before this stuff came into my life, there was only one kind of stick I would ever use. My mom works at an oral surgeon's office and their business makes their own brand of lip balm. I haven't used anything since its genesis, both because it's free and because it works really, really well. During this experiment, however, I vowed to never use my beloved lip-healer.

Instead, I only used Bite's 5 Night Fix for Lips, which is a two step process. First, you apply the scrub stick (which feels a whole lot like sandpaper), then apply the agave mask to leave on overnight. The scrub actually took away the dead skin on my lips while the agave mask soothed my cracked lips — and tasted really good. I recorded my experiment over the course of five days, so you can see the magic this simple fix really worked! And, for additional fun, you can see two zits on the left side of my cheek disappear. After I kicked the habit of automatically applying lip balm every couple of hours, I realized I really didn't need it anymore. My lips are smooth and, dare I say, look a little pinker and a little fuller. Overall, they feel healthier. Don't tell my mom, but I'm probably done with her lip balm for good.

Day 1: The Lip Scrub Attack

The directions told me to put this on every night before bed, so here I am in all of my make-up less, contact-less, bun-on-top-of-my-head glory. You're welcome. This was the first time I applied the lip-scrub. And I made the mistake of not looking at the stick or realizing it clearly said "scrub" on the tube. I was immediately surprised by the roughness, but also surprised by its efficiency! It was literally scrubbing the dead and rough skin off my lips.

Day 2: The Next Morning

Again, fresh-faced me. I woke up the next morning and could still feel the agave mask on my lips. Do you know how magical that feeling is? Honestly, I didn't even think I needed four more days of this, because my lips felt so much better after just one night. But, alas, I had to continue.

Day 3: One Rough Spot

The next day, the windchill was -12 degrees in Indiana. My lips are the first to feel that wind burn and it showed, unfortunately. Although I woke up and the agave mask was still fresh on my face, I took this photo late-afternoon when the mask had worn off. My lips were a little chapped, but still felt really smooth when I rubbed them together. I can guarantee it would have taken 12 strokes of my traditional chapstick to get them this good.

Day 4: Did I Wake Up With More Lips?

On day four, I noticed that my lips felt and looked puffier in the morning. When I looked in the mirror, they looked really healthy.

Day 5: Overall Healthier

Yesterday, the weather was mid-40s and BEAUTIFUL. I took advantage of that and decided to go for a run outside. Unfortunately, my lips also don't take well to the change in climate either. When I got back I noticed my lips were a little rough and chapped. However, when I woke up the next day, there was not a blemish or rough spot on my lips. In fact, they still feel puffy (in a good way) and overall healthier. I'm definitely a fan of seeing my natural pink color in the winter, too. (And look! The zits are gone!) Bite's 5 Night Fix for Lips not only healed my chapped lips, but literally fixed them in general. They're healthier, plumpier, and pinker. At $15 for the set, I'm definitely recommending this to everyone I know.

Images: Hayli Goode