Dove 'Curl Power' Campaign Embraces Ringlets

As a curly-maned gal, I am much too familiar with the difficulty that highly textured locks present to girls and women alike. As a teenager growing up in the age of commercialized beauty standards, which continuously idolized sleek and smooth hair, I struggled to maintain my frizzy strands with endless hair products and styles in attempts to tame those voluminous curls. If you have curly hair, you know what I'm talking about. That's why Dove's new Curl Power campaign, which aims to inspire girls and women to embrace their curls, hits really close to home.

The campaign features a video depicting real life young girls and their mothers talking about the issues they face with their curly hair and why they wish their hair was straight. Some of the reasons they mention for disliking their curls include it being too big and "poofy," getting in the way of their face, and that straight hair simply just looks better. It's pretty heartbreaking to hear a six-year-old girl say that she doesn't want her hair anymore because she doesn't think it's pretty enough.

With this new campaign, Dove strives to empower mothers to embrace their own curls, therefore setting off a ripple effect which will hopefully instill confidence in their daughter's. As child psychologist Jen Hartstein tells TODAY, mothers are major role models in young girls' lives, and need to inspire their daughters to "embrace the unique" and love their individuality. Now there's a positive self-image message that we need a lot of more in this day and age.

See the full campaign video below.

Countless girls are now embracing their curly locks using #CurlPower in their Instagram photos, like the ones pictured. Ladies, let's celebrate our gorgeous curls!