Bruce Jenner & The Kardashian Sisters Hang Out & I Bet It Was Part Of A ‘Parent Trap’-Like Scheme — PHOTOS

Not sure if you've noticed, but we're kind of in a Kardashian drought right now. Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons is done, and a new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians hasn't started yet, so there's a distinct lack of my favorite reality family on my TV right now. Fortunately, pretty much everyone in their bloodline is really good about keeping their social media accounts updated so it's not a total loss, and Monday night, a particularly awesome photo popped up on Khloe's Instagram. It's a rare shot of Bruce Jenner and all his daughters, including Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, and it definitely seems as though they started off their week with a classic daddy/daughter date night. The only issue? Although Khloe shared the picture, she didn't share any of the details.

Now I'm left to wonder: What brought everyone together, and what did they do? There are so many possibilities. Also, who's taking the picture? Is it Kris? Are she and Bruce getting back together? Probably not, but a girl can dream. Was it Rob? Is he finally ready to come out of hiding? I miss that guy. Regardless of what's going on behind the camera, though, it's sweet that this very busy family takes time to get together and catch up, even if Khloe is going to wear those ridiculous Nike socks when it happens.

And when it comes to their choice of activities, I have a few ideas of what their plans might've been.

Part Of A Parent Trap Scheme

I want Kris and Bruce back together, so why wouldn't their children feel the same? I wouldn't be surprised if the girls invited Bruce over for dinner, had a private chef prepare a super delicious meal, and then acted like they all had plans and left, leaving Kris and Bruce to dine over candlelight together and reminisce on the days they were in love. What? It could happen.

A Fancy Dinner

You know how these people love their expensive meals, especially when booze is involved. I realize this is a really boring idea, but I really want a chance of one of my suggestions actually being right.

Plotting Against Kris Jenner

I mean, someone has to. Homegirl gets out of hand way too often these days, and who better to figure out how to keep her in line (i.e. not doing too much damage to her daughters' careers) than a man who was once married to her and her own children?

An Intervention For Kourtney's All-Denim Outfit

Seriously. It has to happen. I feel like she's about to go milk a bunch of cows or sing a song about how her dog left her.

Drawing Up Plans For Their Own Theme Park

It's obviously the next step in their world domination. If I had to guess, it's going to be based off of the Kim Kardashian app game, and it's going to be fabulous.

Something Totally Normal

Like filming for the show, or doing something together as a family like going to see a movie. What if they went roller skating? I hope the cameras were around.

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