Will Even Peters Be On 'AHS' Season 5? Ryan Murphy Owes The 'Horror' Vet an Amazing Character

Everyone over at FX has been promising that American Horror Story is going to go through some huge changes before next season begins, including a new cast which might not even include Jessica Lange. Naturally, my first question was about Evan Peters: American Horror Story Season 5 will definitely include him, right? If I were a betting woman, I'd invest some money in Peters' return. He's faked us out before.

In an interview with Vulture last February, Peters said he didn't have any idea if he'd be returning for Season 4 (Freak Show) yet, and we all saw how that went. I don't know if he was just being coy or if he really wasn't sure, but Peters did return, and I certainly hope they decide that he should return for Season 5, too. Plus, if that is the plan, AHS should probably lock him down soon: he's filming the next X-Men movie, Apocalypse (2016), which means they must be filming soon. He also just got a part as a White House aide in Elvis and Nixon , a drama about the meeting between the president and the rock star. Over the past few years, Peters has been able to film movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past and Lazarus Project while staying true to his AHS contract, so hopefully the same is true in 2015.

Peters has proven that he's one of the actors who can balance the ridiculous plot developments on AHS with actual, you know, acting. He hasn't been given as diverse a set of characters as people like Kathy Bates, but he's done a great job distinguishing immature, selfish Tate from the kind and defiant Kit. But there are many reasons why he deserves to stay, whether as a main character or as a supporting performer, like he was in AHS: Coven. And if Murphy agrees and gives him the fantastic character he deserves, Season 5 could seriously turn out to be Peters' best season yet.

Here's why:

Gotta Rep Murder House

We'll never get the beauty of the Murder House season back. I've come to accept that the sight of a totally naked Dylan McDermott crying while masturbating will never be topped for its sheer... everything. Hilarity, absurdity, audaciousness — pretty much everything in that initial season has been entered into my all-time greatest TV moments. But the actors from that season are dwindling, especially if Jessica Lange keeps her promise to stay away and Lily Rabe isn't available again.

He Deserves a New Character

But while I loved Tate, and the school shooting sequence is still the most terrifying thing the show has ever portrayed, I think it's high time for Peters to play a different type of character. One who's not just a misunderstood kid without a father figure. He deserves the chance to stretch a little bit, wear a wig and some glasses or be evil or something, not just switch between blond and brunette.

If Not, Ryan Murphy Is Screwing Him Out of a Job

While Peters isn't hurting for film work, he's stuck around on FX for four seasons now, and hasn't been courted for any of Murphy's other TV shows, like American Crime Story or Scream Queens. Come on, Murphy owes him a solid storyline.

He Needs to Do Another Dance Number, STAT

If Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange won't be able to carry next season, we need to know at least one cast member can be called upon to dance like they're at a early '60s dance party.

Tumblr Will Die Without Him

If you even glance over at Tumblr, you're guaranteed to see a Tate GIF within seconds. Hey, I admit it — Asylum's Kit Walker is my most shameful TV crush. Actually, that's a lie. Coven's FrankenKyle is my most shameful TV crush. But the point stands: one of the best parts of American Horror Story is how many passionate feelings it inspires, and that includes totally irrational crushin'. AHS has always catered to the female gaze (man-objectifying gaze might be more accurate), and if you have a star who's able to bring the looks and the talent? You'd be crazy to let him go.

Image: Michele K. Short/FOX; Giphy (5)