Describing The #StateOfTheUnionInThreeWords

The State of the Union address is hours away, but people have already taken to social media to comment on it, because America. But since brevity is a priority for commentary these days, Twitter users are describing the #StateOfTheUnionInThreeWords. It's lazy commentary, sure, but it's also an efficient way to glean the very diverse opinions Americans have on President Obama and his administration, which remain, not surprisingly, very polarized. Ahead of Tuesday night's SOTU address, we're already getting a pretty clear picture of how Obama's speech will be received.

But since Twitter is such a lawless place, not everyone followed the rules. Some made statements that revealed very little about how they felt about Obama or the union and more about how they like to troll hashtag campaigns. In fact, the three words people chose ranged from everything like "I voted Romney" to "I am Groot." From the looks of it, however, the tweets can be broken down into five categories: the pro-Obama peeps, the Obama haters, the people with their own causes, the trolls, and people who just love to make fun of Republicans.

Here's a smattering of the commentary on this year's State of the Union address, each one in three words.

Pro-Obama Peeps


Some were steadfast Obama champions, voicing their support or pointing out all that he's done, particularly for the economy and employment, during his presidency so far.

While some wanted to give a shout-out to the most entertaining attendee at last year's SOTU address.

Obama Haters


Some were staunchly opposed to Obama, bringing up everything from Benghazi to Obamacare.

Personal Causes

Some took the opportunity to push for issues that matter to them personally.

Random Words

Some chose three words that had nothing to do with the State of the Union address or Obama or anything political really.

Making Fun Of Republicans Just Because

Erich Schlegel/Getty Images News/Getty Images

And some took the opportunity to make fun of Republicans.

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