These 'Doctor Who' Teases Are Infuriating

Doctor Who's "The Day of the Doctor" is promising epic things — the return of beloved 10th Doctor David Tennant, not to mention also-beloved former companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Oh, and there will be something involving John Hurt and the Doctor's mysterious past and all that. Basically, it's a huge event — for BBC, for the UK as a whole (the show itself is a cultural even there), and for Doctor Who's many international fans. As such, BBC has released two Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor teasers. And they certainly are teases.

We do mean teases in the most bare-bones, infuriatingly spare sense: No new footage whatsoever (just show me Tennant in his pinstripes again! That's all I need! It is my life's air!), and some taglines passed off as hashtags, read aloud by an annoyingly smug British dude who probably has seen the footage of the big group-hug/make-out sesh between Ten, Eleven, and Rose (that has to be happening, right? ...RIGHT?!).

There's also a TARDIS noise, which we're kind of pissed to tell you actually does still work on us as a method of getting us excited.

The Day of the Doctor premieres Nov. 23. We suggest you start preparing yourself now (even better if you started months ago) for the oncoming storm of replenished arguments surrounding Moffat vs. Davies-era Who.

In the meantime, watch the teasers below and glean absolutely nothing about what's to come. We've also included a behind-the-scenes video featuring Tennant and Matt Smith palling around, because you deserve some moppish Doctor adorableness for your patience.

Image: BBC