Why Men Are Faking More Orgasms

Move over, ladies — a new study shows that we’re not the only liars in bed. You may have been perfecting your own “dude, wrap it up” fake orgasm since college, but a study shows that dudes are working on their most convincing performances as well.

The survey, conducted by, found that at least 25% of men will admit to having faked “an orgasm or sexual pleasure,” and they’re more likely to do it in their late 20s and 30s — only 12% of 18-to-24 year olds compared to 33% of men aged 25-34. Divorced men, unsurprisingly, are 67% more likely to fess up to faking it. Rich guys, though, are less likely to fake satisfaction — only 16% of those making over $125,000 a year are faking it. Race is also, apparently, a factor — African American men are much more likely to fake orgasms than their Asian-American counterparts.

As for why these guys aren't experiencing genuine satisfaction in the sack,’s original study on the important topic of guys getting off, published earlier this year, sheds some light. Dr. Wendy Walsh told the site that “men are pressured to comply with sexually aggressive women even when they’re not in the mood.” Gee, what's that like? So, instead of the common assumption that men are insatiable sexual beasts who have no control over their sexual impulses, the truth is that they just want to cuddle and hold hands more, orgasms be damned!

It’s more likely, though, that these findings are just another confirmation of what we already know — dudes are, in fact, not superhuman orgasm machines. Sometimes, shockingly, men just want to cuddle. Or sleep. Or finally watch the new season of Arrested Development. The common portrayal of masculinity — virile sex beasts who should never turn down an offer, is probably the only reason that studies like these are even conducted.

Further, we are happy to hear that women are not woefully alone in the less-than-orgasmic sex department. Yes, orgasms are glorious things that, if we had our way, would be readily experienced by all consenting adults in order to make for a happy, healthier, less-stressed-out and sexually frustrated populace. But perhaps this evidence of male dissatisfaction means that guys will be more sympathetic to their slow-to-climax sexual partners, and that we can all have a more open conversation about finding bedroom bliss.

Image: Fotolia