HBO's New 'GoT' Trailer Will Leave You Shocked

We are officially in an age where it is considered acceptable to have trailers for your trailers and teasers for your teasers. This is a plague upon our entertainment world that has led us to our current state of waiting for Game Of Thrones : our first looks at Season 5 of the HBO hit have literally all been two-second long clips that are basically glorified gifs with sound. I am frustrated by it, mostly because I know HBO knows I'm still excited every time a new one pops up. Damn them! This is torture!

The newest of Game Of Thrones ' sadistic teases came at the end of a new actual preview for Game Of Thrones's upcoming dalliance in IMAX theaters. That trailer features shots and moments from the past four seasons of the show, culminating in that new teeny-tiny tidbit.

Said tidbit features one Tyrion Lannister, who had quite the dramatic arc last season — accused of murder! Humiliated in trial! Fight to the death! Patricide!— and whose life this season will entail a setting-up of his life in the aftermath of those events. The two-second clip/glorified gif doesn't tell us much about what that life will be, but it does feature him falling out a crate! While looking really dirty!

Make of that what you will.

Can you tell I'm still bitter about pre-teaser teasers? Give us a real trailer, HBO! April 12 is not that far away!

Image: HBO