Boehner, Biden, & Obama's Ties: How They Compare

Well, no tan suits this year. However, there's a neckwear situation at the State of the Union going on that we have to talk about. President Obama has chosen a nice, calming blue tie. Meanwhile, behind him, Joe Biden and John Boehner make quite the pair. The Speaker of the House has on a patterned tie that's almost as purple as his face, and the Vice President has a thicker, striped number. What does it mean? Who wore it better?

Are the patterns symbolic of bipartisanship? Are Joe Biden's thin, red and white downward stripes telling us that he's down with Republicans as long as they are few and far between? Are Boehner's checks supposed to be an optical allusion? They're kind of diamond shaped. Is he shining bright like a diamond?

Also, both ties are crooked, but to opposing angles! The shot is so symmetrical right now, it might as well have been directed by Wes Anderson. Biden's tie is angled to the right and Boehner's is to the left. Try and tell me that's not symbolic of their political ideals. Try.

As far as the presidential choices go, here's a handy chart of the history of State of the Union ties. This year's tie is not on the graphic, but it's similar to last years. It might be a little darker. Does this mean President Obama is settling? That's he's mellowing out?

One last food for thought, look how similar the final ties of the last three presidents have been. Granted, he still has one year to go — will he go lighter or darker? I'll see you in 2016, folks.

Image: Youtube (screengrab)