Obama's One-Liner Was The Best Quote Of The Night

As usual with a State of the Union address from President Obama, there were cheers and applause from Democrats, and stony silence from Republicans for just about all the key points or money quotes as the president delivered them. But as is often the case with the 44th president, sometimes his unrehearsed remarks get the best reactions, because they seem so genuine. He's known for being steely and reserved most of the time, but he can be quick on his feet, with a quip or retort when needed. Sometimes when the president shows a little emotion, he's the most effective.

And then there are times when the president just says what needs to be said in the moment. Which leads us to a moment that might even rival The Wink as "The Moment" from tonight's State of the Union.

The best line of the State of the Union wasn't in the prepared remarks President Obama posted to Medium in advance. It was an off-the-cuff remark in response to sarcastic applause. The president started: "I have no more campaigns to run," which was interrupted with cheers from the other side of the aisle. He waited, and then added: "I know, because I won both of them."

Oh. Snap.