In State of the Union GOP Reponse, Joni Ernst Sounds Like A Flight Attendant, Robot, & More According to Twitter

So, as the last six years has proved, the GOP reaction to the State of the Union is pretty much a debacle, inviting snickers and jokes from social media users all too primed to lampoon whichever conservative steps up to respond to Obama. So, when junior Iowa senator Joni Ernst delivered the GOP response to the president's 2015 State of the Union on Tuesday night, we were prepared for the worst. And, unfortunately for the senator, the worst is sort of what we got.

Not only were Ernst's politics criticized following her short speech — mainly, her insistence on declaring the Keystone Pipeline Bill as a jobs bill invited jeers from detractors — but also, her delivery was just as flat as Marco Rubio's recycled mini water bottle. So, instead of her call for Obama to close tax loopholes taking center stage following the response, viewers instead focused on her tone of voice, not to mention the bizarre repeated mention of baked goods. (Biscuits and bread bags, oh my!)

Though everyone agreed, however, that Ernst's response fell flatter than a piece of toast, there was one thing everyone on the Internet disagreed about: what exactly Ernst sounded like. (And, based on these tweets, the spelling of her name. Sic alert!)

All we can gauge from this? Please make sure that your seatbelt is securely fastened, Joni — you're in for a bumpy night.