Are 'Little Women: LA's Terra & Tonya Feuding?

In Wednesday night's episode of Little Women: LA , Terra Jole may regret that decision to tell newfound bestie Elena Gant her pregnancy news first. It looks like Terra's supposed closest friends of the cast, Traci Harrison Tsou and Tonya Banks, are going to question her friendship. Once Traci heard the news of Terra's pregnancy, the green monster immediately took over, and she burst into tears due to the jealousy she felt over Terra's good news not being her own. Clearly, things are going to get even icier between these two friends this season. But I don't want to live in a world where Terra and Tonya are feuding.

These two are such old friends, it'd be a shame for them to break up over a quarrel like this. Tonya is Beyoncé to Terra's Lady Gaga, literally. Terra stood up for Tonya when she suspected her now-ex Trevor didn't have genuine feelings for her when he checked out other ladies' booties. If that's not ever-lasting friendship, I just don't know what is.

But the memory of reality TV stars seems to only go back about six episodes, give or take. With the craziness of filming Season 2 of Little Women: LA over now, Terra and Tonya have had plenty of time to reflect on and resolve any issues they may have had with one another during the season. Is their friendship going strong, or did reality TV claim another casualty?

It looks like Terra and Tonya haven't skipped a beat. They seem to be as close as ever now, and they want us all to know it, doing things that all good friends should do.

They completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together this summer.

Terra asked Tonya to be in another one of her music videos. You know the mark of a true friend is when she saw that infernal mess that is the "Booty Bee" music video and still agreed to be in another one of Terra's videos.

They played games.

They tried on makeup together.

Who are the people you look at Christmas lights with? Only the people you love, of course.

Knowing that Tonya is a true bud, Terra is also not afraid to embarrass her on social media once in a while. Ah, friendship.

Terra was also really supportive of Tonya when she went through a very stormy and very public break-up with Trevor on Little Women: LA a couple of weeks ago.

Out of all of the Little Women: LA cast members, Terra and Tonya seem to interact the most outside of the show, so much so that I'm convinced these two are genuine friends and not just playing nice while the cameras are on, as it seems on some reality shows. It's going to take a lot more than just a pregnancy announcement to tear these two apart.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime