Cop Proposes In Elaborate Traffic Stop Scenario

It turns out a really great way to propose to your girlfriend is to have your cop buddies pull her over and pretend to arrest her. She'll never see the proposal coming! That's what Galveston Police Officer Gregory Parris did when he proposed to his girlfriend Sara Wolff after she was fake-pulled over on the premise of a broken tail light. The plot was elaborate for sure, and had Sara believing that her days of freedom were numbered and that she was going to go to jail, but it was all worth it. Because the startled punked woman was actually going to be proposed to, quite romantically, in the middle of the street right after two strange police officers made her basically crap her pants.

In this endearing video, captured on a dash cam and posted to the Internet (because if a man proposes to a woman and the whole world can't YouTube it, did it even really happen?), the fiancée-to-be, Sara, is pulled over for a broken tail light by one officer, and then told she has warrants against her. As most regular people who don't know what the hell is going on and are suddenly terrified, she starts to cry. Lucky for her, her proposing boyfriend drew the line at her being handcuffed. Just when she thought her life was about to change forever, it did, just in a much sweeter way than she originally was lead to believe. Just when Sara think things are getting terrifyingly real, Gregory shows up, drops to one knee, presets a giant diamond, and the rest is history. Baw.