Wait, Tom Felton's Hogwarts House ISN'T Slytherin?

His fictional father will certainly hear about this: Harry Potter star/peroxide-plagued villain Tom Felton has taken J.K. Rowling's Pottermore sorting quiz at long last. And, shockingly, the results would surely appall Draco Malfoy and all his Slytherin friends — apparently, Felton got Gryffindor.Gryffindor! As in,not Slytherin.

And what's more, Rowling herself says she knew about this shocker all along.

Felton broke the news to his fans gently via Twitter, writing:

Today was the day. I finally did it. I joined Pottermore and was sorted into........Gryffindor. Heart broken x #slytherinforlife

Aw, poor Felton. His whole fictional adolescent identity, shattered! The folks in the Slytherin alumni network probably don't take kindly to interlopers who were secretly Gryffindors the whole time.

Clearly in an effort to further the indignity (or in some act of retrospective comfort), Rowling responded to this revelation by telling him this was a long-time coming and he just hadn't realized.

.@TomFelton I could've told you that years ago. I just didn't want to spoil your motivation ;)

Aww, she was protecting his acting!

Part of ~*growing*~ as a Harry Potter fan is shedding the idea that the actors who played these young witches and wizards had any inherent parallels with their characters. Some have commonalities, of course — academic interests, etc. — and simply loved to play up their characters' memorable traits:

That said, this Felton realization begs the question: We know what house Felton is (at least according to Rowling). But where do some of his other Potter fall in the house system, particularly the golden trio? Here's how I'd sort them (or rather, how I'd sort the public personas I have access to):

Dan Radcliffe: Gryffindor


He did a play that required full-frontal nudity while still playing Harry Potter! That takes a healthy dose of that Gryffindor bravery. He's also definitely not shy about talking about his feminist-leanings — and while that's not an automatic Gryffindor trait, it is logic and compassion for other humans. Gryffindor for sure!

Emma Watson: Ravenclaw


She lacks — at least, as far as we know — the rashness in decision-making that landed Hermione in Gryffindor (in other words, Watson seems less likely to keep a reporter in a jar for months on end). She's politically active and vocal, sure, but those are not the things that necessarily craft a Gryffindor.

She has, though, demonstrated time and time and again a committed to education — both for herself and for others. I'm gonna call this one a Ravenclaw.

Rupert Grint: Hufflepuff


Though Grint may not be in the spotlight as much as his former co-stars, that doesn't denote any lack of success — he's been working quite regularly, and in projects that sound pretty interesting. The actions of a steadfast worker, for sure, which is totally Hufflepuff.

So, there you have it. Now, what I really want to hear is how Rowling would sort them:

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