Remember When She Was in "Idiot Boyfriend?"

Well, somebody is sure having an eventful month! A mere week after announcing that she is pregnant with a little Anthropologie-ready baby, Zooey Deschanel is engaged to her boyfriend Jason Pechenik. On Wednesday afternoon, they made it official when the actress' rep confirmed the news to People. Woohoo, milestones! This seems like a better time than any to bust out some footage of Deschanel's original (fictional) boyfriend, baby Jimmy Fallon!

As a child of the early aughts, I'm trusting that you watched the episode of Making the Video that followed the production of Jimmy Fallon's '02 single, "Idiot Boyfriend." ('Cause let's be real. You watched every episode of this show, then Room Raiders, then Next. That was a typical afternoon for you circa '03). What you may not remember is that a blonde Deschanel plays Samantha, the sensible girlfriend to Fallon's bad idea beau. Like her modern-day self, she's clad in retro clothes and carries an unmistakable manic-pixie-dream-vibe.

Even if early-era Fallon is the textbook definition of a total schmoe in this video, he can still set a valuable example for Deschanel's future husband. Specifically, he can set the perfect example for how not to act when you're married to a person. Feast your eyes on the true period piece that is Idiot Boyfriend.

Why don't we break down the specifics on how not to be an idiot husband, as taught by SNL-era baby Jimmy Fallon. First of all, don't take her out and leave your wallet at home.

Refrain from waking her up at four in the morning.

While dancing and singing karaoke, always keep it cute.

Respect your girl in general.

And only bust out your man leggings (meggings?) if you're shuffling around in a music video, but that's the ONLY TIME!!

Congratulations, you crazy kids!

Image: Jimmy Fallon/Vevo (5)