Let These Awesome Historical Women Inspire You

It's Wednesday, so you know what? Fuck it — have some hump day inspiration in the form of BuzzFeed's "6 Historical Women Who Didn't Give a Fuck" video. They are the best people ever, and they are an inspiration to us all. Not only that, but we're not just talking about the usual suspects here. You may not have heard of these amazing women before, but they all accomplished amazing things — and they did it while having absolutely no fucks to give. I mean it in the best way possible, of course. Ready for a history lesson? It's a fun one — I promise!

First, let us begin by defining the term "not to give a fuck." Although it can mean simply "not to care" about any given topic, I believe the most accurate definition for the phrase in the sense that concerns us right now is as follows:

"IDGADF is an attitude... a brazen spirit... a state of mind.

"To be IDGAF is to have high energy that's legit, charismatic and ultimately, positive in every way. In no way is it negative, as long as it is used with moderation and consideration of the environment....

"IDGAF-ery is a common trait among ballers, musicians, pimps, sensual lovers, dancers and MLBCs."

This definition comes to us via the Urban Dictionary, and it is something to which we should all aspire to be. With this in mind, then, consider the following women. You can find the short version of each of their stories here, but I also suggest scrolling down and watching the whole video. It's totally worth it.

1. Annie Smith Peck

The answer is no. No, she did not. Fun fact: According to Biography, she was the first woman ever to attend the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

2. Mary Lou Williams

NOPE. She also mentored Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, and a whoooooole lot of the other bebop greats. Awesome? Awesome.

3. Ada Lovelace

Not only that, but she wrote that algorithm in the 1840s. SERIOUSLY no fucks to give. Ada Lovelace Day is on October 14, so mark your calendars, betches.

4. Lilian Bland

Yo, Amelia Earhart is great and I'ma let you finish, but Lilian Bland built the Bland Mayfly in 1910, which was the first aeroplane ever designed and constructed by a woman.

(Just kidding — Amelia Earhart is awesome, too. Hoorah for women aviators!)

5. Murasaki Shikibu

Have you ever read The Tale of Genji? Do it. It will teach you much about not giving any fucks.

6. Ethel L. Payne

Wars she covered on the scene include the Vietnam War and the Nigerian civil war. She was one badass lady.

Watch the whole video here, and let these ladies school you in the art of giving not one single fuck:

Images: BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube (7)