Katie Holmes Does Menswear Like A Pro

Class, please take your seats! Style school is in session, and you're about to receive an invaluable lesson in rocking the androgynous look from none other than the former Mrs. Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes did menswear so, so right when she wore a floor-length gray menswear coat to Berlin Fashion Week.

With oversize coats, tailored trousers, smart suits, and blazers making the rounds on the runway and inching their way into both ready-to-wear and celeb wardrobes, tons of women are itching to try their hand at the menswear look. But with a second guess or some ill-fitting pants, it can instantly go from strong to sloppy. If you're at a loss at how to make this tricky trend work for you, just take a cue from Katie Holmes at the Marc Cain fashion show.

The actress showed up in an outfit ripped straight from the designer's runway — a soft gray ensemble consisting of a cozy, oversize knit coat, gray knee-high boots in a wintery suede, a snow white turtleneck, and a masculine hat. That's it folks — Holmes has officially been crowned Menswear Queen of 2015. There's no need to give up and head home, though! Just steal some tips from Katie to make the trend work for you!

So what did we learn from her foray into the men's section? It's all about paying close attention to proportions. The actress's coat may be an oversize style, but it's still tailored to perfection. Keep the color palette muted and play up the texture. Let feminine hair and makeup soften the look. Flirt with menswear-inspired patterns, briefcases, and satchels if you're nervous about diving all the way in. But be brave! It may be a little intimidating, but hey — isn't that the point?

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: Getty Images