Captain America & Star-Lord Made The Best Bet

It was only a matter of time before chaos erupted among Marvel's somehow hefty supply of actors named Chris. I mean, there were just too many of them — there had to be some competition bubbling. And now, that time has finally come, and turns out, it is straight-up adorable: In a light-hearted exchange on Twitter, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt made a superbowl bet inspired by their respective love of rival football teams. The stakes, of course, aren't very steep but are totally sweet: Mostly, its just humiliation in the form of having to tote tokens from said rival teams, and participating in charity work! It's a Marvel Chris moment for the ages.

Anyway, this just so happens to bring up an important question: How would their Marvel superheroes respond? I mean, this isn't just Evans against Pratt, it's Steve Rogers against Peter Quill! It's Captain America against Star-Lord! It's blond muscley Marvel lead against blond muscley Marvel lead!

So it's time to take stock, friends. What is it that Captain America and Star-Lord have in their respective powers that can help them along to seeing their team take home Superbowl glory and, thus, to ensure that the actors who portray them get their favorite charity honored (and don't have to be seen in public sporting the jersey of one of the men who defeated their team)?

Let's take stock:

Star-Lord's Got the Sass

Charm them to victory?

But Captain America's Got That Earnest Energy

Steve Rogers can give a hell of a Coach Taylor pre-game pep talk.

Captain America's Got the Strength

Also that shield. Cap could head over to the Pats training ground and use his super-strength to push his team to training harder.

But Star-Lord's Got The Tunes

But what's better at pumping a team up than some truly great music to jam to? Gotta have that inspiration.

Captain America's Got Those Chiseled Good Looks

Have you seen his jawline? And, like, all the rest?

Oh Wait, That's Both Of Them.

I don't know, boys, looks like this one's pretty well matched. We'll have to wait til Super Bowl Sunday to see who wins.

Images: Marvel [3]