11 Types Of Sundays Better Than Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you're ready for it or not, Super Bowl Sunday is here, my friend, and while most Americans are busy planning parties, getting elaborate Super Bowl appetizers ready, and heavily debating whether or not the New England Patriots are total cheaters, I'm just concentrating on trying to see all of the Oscar-nominated films before February 22. Yes, that's right, I have a confession to make. I am not a football fan, and I do not care about the Super Bowl. At all. Actually, I didn't even realize the Super Bowl was coming up until my dad told me last weekend. Sorry?

I'm sure football can be exciting (can it really though?), and yeah, Super Bowl parties are a pretty good time if you're into that sort of thing. But I don't eat meat, drink beer, or care who wins or loses (wow, I sound like a big ball of fun right now!), so it's just not my thing. In fact, I usually spend most of my time during the Super Bowl thinking about all of the other Sundays during the year that are just so much better than this particular one. I'd take the following Sundays over the big game any day of the year. I'm not alone... right? (Tell me I'm not alone.)

1. Memorial Day Weekend Sunday

Memorial Day weekend brings us the first big reminder that summer is so close we can actually taste it. Barbecues, drinking games, and a Monday off work with no obligations? Count me in. Memorial Day weekend is the best Sunday because it reminds you of all the warm, sunny, relaxing Sundays of your future. Ahhh. I can practically feel the sand between my toes right now.

2. Easter Sunday

Hear me out. Easter Sunday might be a religious holiday, but it is also one of biggest candy-eating days of the year. Marshmallow Peeps! Snickers shaped like Easter eggs (everyone knows these are the best kinds of Snickers)! Chocolate bunnies! Cadbury eggs! If you're lucky, you'll even participate in an Easter egg hunt where your grandma puts money in the Easter eggs.

3. Golden Globes Sunday

The Golden Globes basically kick off awards season, and if you're really into pop culture like me, then it's kind of exciting. Plus, it's common knowledge that the Golden Globes show is the best awards show ever because all the celebrities do is get drunk and act kind of weird while wearing fancy outfits. Way less stuffy than the Academy Awards.

4. Oscars Sunday

Even though I complain about the Oscars every single year once we're an hour into the ceremony, I still look forward to it. Movie buffs and pop culture fanatics know that the Oscars are like the Super Bowl of the Hollywood world. Give me the fanciest gowns and gold man statues over a football game any day.

5. Daylight Savings Time Sunday (when we gain an hour)

Daylight Savings Time is annoying, until we have the Daylight Savings Time where we gain an extra hour and get to sleep just a little bit longer. Ahhh. You wake up, and it's 11 a.m. when it should be noon. It never gets old.

6. Labor Day Weekend Sunday

Labor Day weekend Sunday is bittersweet. It's depressing because it marks the end of the summer, but it's always fun because everyone is willing to go all out to really celebrate. It's your unofficial last weekend to be at the beach and do nothing in the sun, and you also get the next day off of work. Ample party time, unlike the Super Bowl, when you have to go into work hungover the next day.

7. The first Sunday of summer vacation

If you're in school, there is nothing quite like the first Sunday of summer vacation, when you go to bed with the realization that you do not have to wake up for class the next morning. If you work full-time... well, sorry. We don't get the luxury of this experience.

8. Grammy Awards Sunday

The Grammy Awards wrap up awards season, which is nice because, I mean, the shows are fun, but they're also exhausting. Also, this is basically just one big concert where everyone really dresses up in the craziest way possible. Plus, there's no denying the entertainment of watching Taylor Swift dance.

9. Endless brunch Sunday

In my book, any Sunday where you can eat brunch and have endless morning cocktails from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. is better than the Super Bowl. Because, let's face it, few things beat out brunch.

10. Pretty much any Sunday where you can lay in bed and watch Netflix all day

I mean... does this really need an explanation?

11. Ice cream sundaes

C'mon. Enough said.

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