'AHS: Freak Show' Left Some Questions Unanswered

Oh Ryan Murphy, you never cease to surprise/horrify me. Wednesday night's AHS: Freak Show season finale "Curtain Call," proved to be an endless array of twists and turns. Not only did Elsa die at the hand of Edward Mordrake, but Dandy viscously murdered almost all of the freaks, firmly solidifying my nightmares for the upcoming weeks. (Thanks for that, Murphy.) Suffice to say, STUFF HAPPENED. However, that doesn't mean there weren't still a few loose ends that failed to get tied up before the final curtain fell. Which is why I took the liberty to round up all of the most pressing questions AHS: Freak Show failed to answer. Enjoy!

What Became of Stanley?

Last we saw, this evil con man had taken on a Meep-like quality and no longer possessed really any limbs. However, he was still alive, so what ended up happening to him? Denis O'Hare's character was nowhere to be seen throughout the entire episode. Did he become one of Dandy's victims or was he simply forgotten about and left to rot in his cage? I need to know, Murphy!

Why Was Emma Roberts Not in the Freak Show Afterlife?

Granted, she wasn't technically a freak to begin with, so perhaps she didn't quite make the cut (who makes that decision BTW?), but it still felt wrong to not see her there. She did, after all, come clean about everything in the end and helped to save a few lives. Plus, the girl got cut in half for crying out loud! Surely that warrants a little forgiveness?

Who Took Over the Elsa Mars Hour?

With Elsa dead, does this mean the show was officially canceled or did someone else take over and simply switch the name like we do with most late night shows?

Does Pepper Eventually Join Them?

Of course, there are still a few more years to go until Pepper meets her maker, but it'd be nice to know that when she does pass, she ends up there with the rest of her Freak Show family. Tell me, Murphy! I want to knoooow!

Do Bette, Dot, and Jimmy Have a Boy or a Girl?

It's a small detail, but one I'd very much like to know the answer to, if only to help solidify the picture I have in my head of Evan Peters holding a child.

Who Gets All of Dandy's Money?

With both Gloria and him dead where did that leave the Mott family inheritance? Is it too late to call dibs?

Where Does the Afterlife Audience Come From?

Since this is supposed to be an afterlife specifically for their little troupe, then what are all these other people doing there? I get that they're supposed to be the "full house" the sideshow packs in every night, so does that mean they're figments of their imagination or did these folks not warrant a proper afterlife of their own? Is this something you can sign up for or is it more of a punishment type thing? (Also, I had no idea heaven was so complicated.)

Well, that's all for now, everyone. See you next fall for Season 5!

Images: Sam Lothridge/FX; Frank Ockenfels/FX; Michele K. Short/FX (4); FX; pepperforpresident/Tumblr