18 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes To Serve On Game Day, So You Can Go Back For Seconds Guilt-Free

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Want to bring a dieter to their knees? Just ask them to find a few healthy Super Bowl recipes amongst the deliciously dangerous snacks, goodies, dips, and chips. The Big Game is a dieter's nightmare, especially one who's trying so hard to stick to their New Year's resolutions. Sunday Night Football, no matter who's playing, is the best excuse to overeat, overindulge, and go home feeling like you swallowed a house.

Big shocker here, guys: You don't have to dread the Super Bowl or the snack bar. There are ways to enjoy what you're eating guilt-free and still have a good time. And there are even hidden secrets to making snacks so good, so creamy, so damn delicious, that you forget you're dieting for a night.

So kick back, relax, root for whatever team won't deflate their opponent's balls (heh, heh), and go for seconds. I won't tell... promise.

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