Jennifer Lopez Defends 'Gigli'

by Alyse Whitney

It seems like an eternity since Jennifer Lopez was on the big screen, but she's making her triumphant return to movies with The Boy Next Door. I personally cannot wait for the campy thriller and would like to give it all of the awards already, but let's pause on shirtless Ryan Guzman for a moment and talk about J. Lo's old movies. Lopez defended Gigli on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday night, but in a mildly self-deprecating way. In fact, she actually threw shade at it and Anaconda during her chat with Meyers, questioning, "What else sucked?" in reference to her handful of "bad" movies.

As far as Gigli goes, she doesn't stand by it as a fantastic piece of art, but she wants everyone to know there are worse films out there. "We got a lot of crap at that time . . . because we were together. It was a whole other thing going on," Lopez said. "There are worse movies than Gigli out there, okay?" Fair point, J. Lo. Fair point. She also explained how there are some films that she looks back and wonders why she did them, but there are also ones that she straight-up doesn't remember.

"I've done a lot of movies at this point. I've been doing this a long time now," the actress explained. "There are some that I go, 'Wow, I'm so amazed to be a part of that,' and some that you mention the name and I'm like, 'Huh? What? Which movie? I'm sorry. I don't remember that.' That just tells you you've been in it a long time." I'm still waiting for a Maid in Manhattan sequel, personally. Or even one for The Wedding Planner. We don't really need sequels for either, but no movie she makes will ever top those two in my mind.

Image: Columbia Pictures