Swiffer Ad Empowers Women...to Mop

You can mop it. 

No, it's not 1950. It's Swiffer's universe, where an ad parodying Rosie the Riveter with a mop seems like a good way to market cleaning supplies to women. Way to get out there and help win the war, ladies. Now clean the damn kitchen, would you? 

Personally, I love my Swiffer, and can even admit to enjoying the effect an occasional hardcore OCD cleaning sesh has on my biceps. That said, I could do without a cleaning company co-opting of an iconic feminist image and implying that my strength and empowerment comes from better cleaning tools.

Swiffer responded to complaints about the ad Monday:

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/Swiffer/statuses/341683619900833792] 

Let's hope they just take it down, rather than, say, adding a copy of The Feminine Mystique to her other hand. 

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Source: statigr.am 

Image: Fotolia 

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