This Is The Woman Who Modeled For The Fleshlight

by Kat George

Fleshlights don't just occur in a vacuum: As it turns out, the Fleshlight (a synthetic vagina attached to a canister, for masturbating and storing spare change, etc.) is modeled after a real woman's vagina. That vagina model is Eufrat Mai from the Czech Republic, who visited the Fleshlight factory in Seville, Spain, and was rightly treated like a celebrity in this video "documentary" of her factory tour. My favorite part of the whole thing is when, "Manager Juan can't wait to show Eufrat her own fake vagina." All the men at the factory, from the show host to the manager to the factory floor workers are all giddy over Eufrat Mai, and not just because she's beautiful, smart and charismatic—It's because they've all had sex with her fake vagina (at least the manager admits he has). This is where the whole thing starts to seem a littttttle creepy. It's almost as though they think they've had sex with Eufrat; She seems to be the only one who can make the distinction between her own actual vagina and the synthetic sex toy.

The best part is when she meets one of the female factory workers, who is genuinely star struck by her, and not half as weird and school-boyish as the men. MEN, AMIRITE? Eufrat is incredibly endearing, and towards the end of the video, after saying "wagina" what seems like over a thousand times (is it wrong that she makes female genitals sound "cute" to me?), she makes a pretty incredible statement about imparting the same knowledge on her kids that her dad imparted on her: Sex is natural, and nothing to be ashamed of. Watch below.

Image: YouTube