Kody Should Quit While He's Ahead

Here's the thing. While I'm a huge fan of TLC's Sister Wives — mostly because I'm fascinated by a lifestyle so different from my own — I am not huge fan of the family's patriarch, Kody Brown, purely based on the persona he presents on his television show. It's not because he's a polygamist, because I'm not here to judge they way people find their happiness in life. I'm a bit upset at the way he constantly asserts that his own opinion far outweighs the ones of his wives, and a recent argument Kody had with his third wife Christine really grinds my gears. What was the fight about? Let me enlighten you.

So, apparently years ago a friend of the family told Kody something to the effect of, "You should ditch your wives and come back to the LDS church." Instead of turning down that offer in disgust, cutting off the friendship, and going home to kiss his wives without making mention of what a pretentious friend he has, Kody saw the incident as guidance along the path to spiritual righteousness. If I was one of Kody's wives, I'd be incredibly insulted, so I totally understand where Christine is coming from when she says she didn't want to hang out with this guy on their recent vacation.

And even though Kody invited him against her wishes (but ultimately, their plans never panned out) he took Christine's hurt feelings as her deliberately trying to ruin their vacation and the family, in general. I'm happy to see Christine totally held her own in their argument and refused to back down, but I'm still bummed it was even a thing. Kody, I want to like you. Despite your bad haircut, I want to like you. But after this, there may be no going back.

Also: I'm pretty disappointed in Kody's other wives for not stepping up in Christine's defense. How were they not also experiencing the same feeling toward his opinionated friend? With how emotional and supportive of each other these women normally are, I was truly surprised nobody wanted to defend Christine during this argument. Isn't that the whole point of sister wives? To have women to share your life with who are basically your sisters?

And for the record? Christine is way more fine with the outcome of this argument than I am.

It's official: I'm never becoming a sister wife. OK, so that wasn't exactly the plan before, but it's really not the plan now.

Image: rosecolored6/Twitter