Two Sisters Argue Feminism And Makeup

Many modern feminists have at some point stopped and considered the question: "Can it be feminist to wear makeup?" Especially when you've been told over and over that makeup is the epitome of what it means to base you're happiness on the approval of men (ouch). Yesterday, BuzzFeed released a video that explores the supposed contradictions between feminism and makeup. And it's pretty awesome.

The video juxtaposes the views of two very opinionated sisters: the younger, a brunette brainiac (whose beauty regimen consists of owning a toothbrush) and her sister, a blonde bimbo (who doesn't think twice about spending $200 on an eyeliner — so fetch). The first sister has some great points about painting her face in order to please men not being the answer, while the other points out that putting her down for enjoying a traditionally feminist interest is anti-feminist in its own right.

What's really exciting about this video is the focus on choice. Being feminist means ultimately asking the why behind actions that could be perceived as ways women objectify themselves and submit to patriarchal culture. Judging a woman for wearing makeup because it makes her feel good is just as criticizing her habit of putting on makeup solely based on her lack of self-esteem or desire to please men. It's about reasoning, more than regiment.

Check out BuzzFeed's humorous take on the issue below.