This Reality TV Villain's Writing a Tell-All

Courtney Robertson lives in reality television infamy as the most largely reviled contestant in Bachelor history. I've never actually seen The Bachelor, but I know from being a citizen of social media that this woman is haaaaated. Now, Robertson is writing a Bachelor -time-inspired tell-all memoir, and oof, the title just says it all.

I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain will be published at some date not yet announced through HarperCollins, and was first reported by Us Weekly. It will, as the title suggests, explore what it's like to be a villain on reality TV — Robertson has the distinction of being one of those villains that actually managed to win the show she was on, so maybe she'll add some sage insights into that experience.

One of Robertson's most famous moments came when she and Bachelor Ben Flajnik went skinny dipping, so you can bet a book deal like that will include a retelling of that night. Robertson promises to spill all the behind-the-scenes drama that comes with being Courtney Robertson, saying:

"The girls hated me, my modeling career was destroyed and Ben and I had a tumultuous 11-month relationship that ultimately imploded," Courtney told Us. "Writing the book has been very cathartic — I've definitely learned a lot about myself and love!"

You can witness the aforementioned skinny-dipping moment below: