Rick Owens Sent Penises Down The Runway (For Real)

Most fashion trends aren't particularly shocking these days. In fact, many labels aim to make jaws drop in one way or another. An exposed nipple here and some side-boob there isn't anything to write home about, and hasn't been for many, many seasons of shows in cities like New York and London. In fact, the push-the-envelope spirit of fashion is so rampant that many people have stopped curiously asking, "What could possibly be next?" Shock factor is simply an expected part of fashion culture. But you know what isn't expected? Exposed penis on the runway. Make that penises. Yes, the Rick Owens' menswear show featured full-frontal male nudity.

Now I don't know about you, but men's genitalia is simply not something that comes to mind immediately when I consider high fashion. Rick Owens apparently thought differently this season as he sent scantily clad male models down the runway. Most of the pieces in the show featured peepholes that specifically showcased...well, you guessed it. Penises. And as you also may have guessed, Owens has caused quite a stir with his design choices.

So the question remains — how much is too much? Personally, I think the whole thing takes away from the actual clothing (which is supposed to be the point of a runway show, isn't it?) and plays into the constant fight for publicity and shock value in the fashion world. However, if we look at fashion from a strictly artistic point of view, can we really put any restraints on what designers choose to show? Probably not.

Make of the Rick Owens show what you will. It's true that it certainly isn't for everyone and will probably upset more than a few people, but as it goes with everything, especially in fashion: If you please everyone, then you might be doing something wrong.