If Kate Moss Were a Character On GoT...

Kate Moss is a queen. There's no denying this. When it comes to fashion, Moss is undeniable royalty. She is 41, fabulous, and an icon. Now, imagine Kate Moss is a character on Game of Thrones. Still a queen, still into fashion, but you know—a Starke. Living in The North. Winter is coming. You get the idea. Combine all of that into one image and you will have the Kate Moss that was in Paris on Thursday. Moss wore the most in-your-face, Game of Thrones -ish fur coat EVER to the Louis Vuitton menswear show. It was part fabulous and part terrifying, which is exactly why it works and is SO very Kate Moss.

To be fair, there are some people that are probably not going to be huge fans of this look. Namely, a little group called PETA — if, in fact, the coat is real fur, which it seems to be. Granted, they're a little busy letting out their frustrations about Kim Kardashian at the moment, but something tells me they'll have something to say about this as it is quite a bit of fur.

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See what I mean about the Game of Thrones thing? Is anyone else imagining a guest appearance in the spring's new season? Because I can totally see it. Am I going a little too far with this? Maybe. But in any case, Moss looks pretty bad ass. So bad ass that she could, I don't know, maybe be the ideal love interest for someone as broody as Jon Snow. OK, I'll stop.

Image: Getty Images