Unexpected Hair Crush: Oh Land's Neon Blue Locks

Oh Land, the sharp-cheekboned Danish songbird, has long been known for her pale blonde locks. But somewhere during the summer she went blue, and, well, let's check out her Instagram feed to see how we really feel about it:

Feelin' it...

Feelin' it...

Really feelin' it...

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that while rumpled sky-blue locks might not be in the cards for all of us — due to job obligations, personal neuroses, and the way the Establishment squelches our technicolored spirits — this is a completely cool hairdo.

The tousled waves and the super-short,1940s-pinup-girl bangs are flattering, but the electric color makes this look not just notable, but so low maintenance. See, when your hair is bright blue, who cares about the symmetry of your eyeliner? Who cares about bronzer, illuminator, and contouring? Who cares about labels?

Even on off days (i.e., not during photoshoots), this sky-colored hair looks good:

The blue's fading, but she still looks lovely. And successful.

Just add LBD (and beanie, and socks), and an exciting Danish party to attend.

Oh, just hanging out on the beach in a few perfect, low-key accessories... okay, I lied, this is from a Nylon photoshoot. But how pretty is the blue with her skin tone and eye color?

Just because you're not planning to dye your hair today doesn't mean you can't steal some of her electric blue swagger. Here's the textbook; get studying (feel free to take fashion notes while you're at it):