13 Of The Most Interesting Lingerie Items You Can Buy On Etsy Right Now — So Happy Almost Valentine's Day, Guys

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Everyone likes a little something different when it comes to sexy undergarments. Some people prefer soft and demure pieces, whilst others are all about PVC and hardware. You do you, y'all: I'm not here to yuck anyone's yum. I think it's actually kind of magical that people who have the same taste and who are turned on by similar things can find each other in this world. There's someone for everyone and I have seen the quirky couples to prove it.

However, I am here to say that no matter your preferences when it comes to lingerie, there are just some things that I think we can all agree are a bit past unique, and just make you go, "Huh?" And often, one can find these things on Etsy. Click through for 13 items classified as lingerie that make me scratch my forehead in the best of ways.

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