Bad Lip Reading Takes on the NFL (Again)

The Super Bowl is a scant week and some change away, so it's only fitting that Bad Lip Reading's NFL video for 2015 just hit YouTube. There's no time like the present to watch a whole bunch of people put nonsensical and hilarious words in other people's mouths, right? You're going to want to watch this one — it's a doozy. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Bad Lip Reading is one of my favorite things on the Internet. Seriously. Nothing can make me laugh quite as hard as, say, watching Bella tell Edward, "Dude... you slapped a fish! You punched it — why would you hit it?" And in the case of the football-themed videos? Let's just say they're pretty much the only things in the world that can make me A) willingly watch football and B) actually enjoy it. I mean, as a native Bostonian, I'm happy for the Pats and I hope they crush the Seahawks; I just actually have a strong desire to watch them do it. If the entire game was an episode of Bad Lip Reading, though? I would definitely watch that.

Not only that, but the NFL Bad Lip Readings can actually be quite informative, too. For example, this time around, I learned the follow three fascinating tidbits:

  • The noises football players make between plays betrays most of their secret, hidden desires to be pop stars.
  • Refs and coaches boogie down like nobody else.
  • Random acts of hugging can occur for any reason, from parental affection to Funyons.

For the curious, this guy is my favorite:

He's at the 42-second mark, so if you watch only one moment from the video, watch that one. Ready for this? Here we go:

Genius? Genius. Honestly, I just want to know what goes on in the writer's room while they're figuring out the scripts for these things. It must be quite an... experience.

This, of course, isn't the first Bad Lip Reading video featuring footage from the NFL; the first installment in the series went up in 2013:

And the second in 2014:

Obviously it's been both popular and seasonally appropriate enough to make into an annual tradition, and you know what? I hope it never ends. Because it is officially the best.

Catch more Bad Lip Reading over at YouTube.

Image: Bad Lip Reading/YouTube