Lifetime's 'With This Ring' Cast Is Star-Studded And Very, Very Talented

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Things get crazy at weddings, everyone knows this. Open bar, gatherings of loved ones, emotions running high... things are bound to be said. You know, things like "I say we make a vow... that we're going to get married within a year." OK, I can barely manage to do my taxes each year, but the women of With This Ring — a Lifetime Original movie that has a seriously non-Lifetime cast of actresses — seem like women who achieve their goals. And, dare I say, I'm finding myself cautiously excited.

No offense to Lifetime, of course, their work is prime tweeting fodder, but it's pretty impressive that they were able to snag a bonafide movie star, in addition to two Grammy-winning recording artists/actresses. But that big-name pull likely had more to do with the big names behind this TV movie than the network title in front of it it...

Image: Bob Mahoney

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