32 Impressive First Ladies Whose Strengths & Passions Made The United States What It Is Today

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You know that saying, "Behind every great man there stands a great woman"? Nowhere does that quote ring more true than at the White House. The United States of America has seen some distinguished presidents, but there's no way they could have done it alone — that's where a long list strong, smart women comes in. The first ladies of the United States didn't just support the country's endeavors, they also had amazing accomplishments of their own.The first one that comes to mind is current First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign against obesity, but she is far from the only first lady to start a movement, found an organization, or advocate for a cause.From Dolley Madison's charity that helped young female orphans to Betty Ford's famed rehab center and Laura Bush's literacy programs, the first ladies of the United States have never been ones to just sit around and watch their husbands work. I mean, Abraham Lincoln might not have championed abolition as fervently if it weren't for First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, who many believe was an even more passionate abolitionist than her husband. It's time to give credit to these women, without whom America would not be the country it is today.

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