Stacy London Tells Women What Not to Wear IRL

Fashion lovers, cancel all your Friday night plans — you're staying in tonight. Why? Because Stacy London's new show Love, Lust or Run premieres January 23rd at 9 p.m. on TLC. Pumped as we are for her return to TV, we can't forget her days on What Not to Wear — and it seems she can't either! In a recent interview with Huffington Post, London admitted she still tells girls what not to wear (get it?!) in dressing rooms sometimes.

"In that situation, we are all sort of sorority sisters -- and somebody might say that to me," she said (LOL at the image of a random woman telling Stacy London she looks bad in an outfit).

The former What Not to Wear host admitted to being set in her fashion ways, but said she would never be rude to any woman she may come across in public. London doesn't share fashion advice on the street, but is willing to give her opinion in a dressing room — politely, of course! She may tell a girl she is "crazy if she doesn't buy that," but will also be forthcoming if a piece doesn't look quite right.

And when it comes to taking fashion advice from sales associates who may not know her, London says she tries to keep in "diplomatic."

"I try very hard, but very diplomatically, to say 'Yup, thanks, got it,' but then try to cut them off as quickly as possible because I find it really annoying. So when I do get up on my high horse and start telling people whether they should or shouldn't buy something, I try to remind myself how much I hate it when other people give me unsolicited advice." London told the Huffington Post.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although What Not to Wear aired on TLC for 10 years, London says she doesn't expect everyone to know who she is, so she tries to keep her advice in fashion stores light. I don't know about you, but I would be very down with a few unsolicited fashion tips from the likes of her!

On Love, Lust, or Run the style maven says she'll be more of a mentor and collaborator than an absolute authority. She feels strongly about the fact that she's not trying to change the women on her new show, but rather bridge the disconnect between the image they project to the general public and the way these women see themselves.

What's really important is if there is a disconnect between what you think you're putting out into the world and what the world is actually getting from you, because that's going to get in the way of what you want. If you think you are putting off this really powerful, can-do, ambitious and confident kind of style, and people think you look insane, you're going to have a tough time getting the job that you want or getting where you want to go in life.

While I never thought London and her What Not to Wear co-host Clinton Kelly were particularly mean to their guests, it sounds like she'll be ruling with a lighter hand in this new endeavor.

Also, fun fact: funny, graphic T-shirts are officially Stacy London-approved. Guess that means its time to stock up!

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