So THIS Is Where Kylie's New Look Came From

Kylie Jenner's recent fashion overhaul has been causing quite a stir on the Internet. People are wondering: Is it too sexy? Is it too grown up? How do I get those pouty lips for myself? However, BuzzFeed has pointed out that Kylie Jenner might have stolen her new signature look — matte lipstick, false eyelashes, arched eyebrows, and blue hair — from a girl named Heather Sanders (gasp). This begs another important question — so what?

Twitter fans are having a blast with the undeniable similarities between Kylie's makeup, hairstyle, and Instagram selfies with Sanders', who reportedly met the younger Jenner awhile back through Tyga, a mutual friend (Tyga girl, Tyga). If you have interesting style and post things on the Internet, people are bound to be inspired by you. We've all been guilty at one point or another of copying a friend's look as we seek to discover our own identity, especially during our teenage years. Imitating someone else's style can just be a phase along the path of self-discovery. Kylie is only 17-years old and we can't expect her to have her own aesthetic 100 percent figured out just yet. In the meantime, she looks pretty killer with those blue tips and full lips, no?

Besides — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Check out the evidence:

Okay, so there are some undeniable similarities. But hey, both ladies look great! I think everybody wins here.