The Decemberists Hilariously Sing YouTube Comments

In a world saturated with songs about butts, couldn’t we all use some thoughtful musical philosophizing about the deeper issues that plague humanity, the dueling joys, failures, and hypocrisies of living in a modern world? Luckily, we can now thank The Decemberists for giving us an insightful new musical exploration of that cesspool of human experience, The YouTube Comments Section. O, intrepid troubadours, you are brave and melodically gifted and we thank you.

When the band visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday to promote their new album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World , they teased another “new” work, a (sadly fictional) album made up entirely of real YouTube comments set to the lilting strains of indie folk rock. In my favorite song from the album, titled “Noisy Kittens Waiting For Dinner,” front man Colin Meloy wails in existential confusion, “I CAN'T BELIEVE I MAKE $5000 A MONTH WORKING FROM HOME!!!! CLICK LINK BELOW TO FIND OUT HOW.” In another, titled “Kim Kardashian’s Plastic Surgery Transformation,” the band’s guitars thrum in pulsing outrage as Meloy insists “OMG she proved she didn't have a butt implants with a butt X-ray and she admitted she gets Botox she does squats her nose still has a hump in it if you actually at a recent pic of her nose you will see it. La di daaa!”

Glorious. Is there not something profoundly life-affirming in making something beautiful out of the worst and stupidest that humanity has to offer? No? OK, maybe not.