Who Are Liam Payne's Sisters?

Liam Payne is mostly known for his singing talent and being part of the wildly popular boy band One Direction, but some might not know that the British pop star is also known for maintaining a good relationship with his family. He may have a crazy busy schedule recording songs and touring around the world, but Liam Payne always makes time for his sisters, as well as his parents. So who are Liam Panye's sisters? Lets get to known Ruth and Nicola a little better.

But first, Payne's epic dedication to his family couldn't go without being mentioned. Most recently, in January 2015, the singer made a grand gesture in buying his parents a £400,000 house (that's over $600,000) near where he grew up. And that's not the only time he's shown his family some serious love. He also gave his sisters and parents the opportunity to star alongside him in his band's music video for "Story of My Life." He's been there for them in times of grief, as well, and was heartbroken when his sister's boyfriend was tragically killed back in 2011.

Even after finding worldwide fame, it's nice to know that Payne hasn't forgotten where he comes from. But some fans might be wondering more about who his sisters are, apart from their famous family connection. As it turns out, they are quite different in their interests; one is interested in fashion, while the other is vocal about animal protection and rights.

As seen in the tweet above, Nicola Payne, the eldest of the three siblings, is known for being quite a fashionista. She was asked by The Fashion Bible, a UK-based fashion store and blog, to create her own personal lookbook from her holiday trip to the island of Ibiza for the website. It's clear that her style was a huge hit while she was there, as she wrote, "girls were literally stopping me in the queue asking where my pom pom shorts & bralet top were from."

On her Instagram, Nicola sometimes shares her fashion inspiration with her 36,800 followers, including clothing snaps, shots of her purses and shoes, and also highlights from her interior design style. And it looks like she gives credit where credit is due, supporting small businesses, like Typography of Love.

Payne's other older sister, Ruth, has made it clear on social media sites that she is very interested in animal protection and rights, particularly for dogs. Most recently, she retweeted a video asking for help for rescue dogs in need.

She also retweets tips for responsible pet owners to keep their pets safe in certain weather conditions. But this isn't to say that she is always super serious on social media. She also posts fun photos of her own dog, Loki, with the occasional selfie with her furry friend.

Aww! No wonder she's so passionate about looking out for dogs!

And it looks like all three of the siblings are passionate about keeping the family ties close together, as seen in the photo below. Good for the Paynes!