This Is An Important 'Mrs. Doubtfire' News Update

Fans of the best '90s Robin Williams movie ever, it's officially your lucky day: According to EW, Mrs. Doubtfire is becoming a musical, meaning this classic comedy is officially coming back in a new form — and Alan Menken is making it happen. Alan Menken!

Okay, so you might think you don't know who Alan Menken is, but trust me, you totally do: He's the guy responsible for the music in many of the most awesome Disney movies, like Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast . Just from his impressive track record alone, it's totally clear that this musical is going to be absolutely amazing.

Even better, it was Menken himself who announced the big news while talking to Entertainment Weekly on Friday, so it's definitely confirmed (but yeah, probably still too early to start looking for tickets). In addition to revealing that he's composing the music for the project, Menken also dropped another amazing tidbit of news as well: The musical, though not yet cast, does have some participation from the original film's cast. Apparently Harvey Fierstein — the guy who played Frank, aka Mrs. Doubtfire's brother, in the movie — is writing the script! I love this already.

"It's going very well," Menken said. "It's in its early stages, and that's probably all I can say. We're really enjoying working on it."

While obviously the idea of a Mrs. Doubtfire musical will inevitably put someone in the title role who will never be able to live up to the standard that the forever legendary Robin Williams set as a precedent, I couldn't be more excited for this project — and, thankfully, it already looks like the musical will do justice to this classic film, just as it deserves.

Image: 20th Century Fox