You Have to See the Crazy Miss University Costumes

Though the Miss Universe pageant doesn't air until Sunday, this year we're being treated to some pre-pageant absurdity. The National Costume show took place in Miami on Wednesday, and theatrical doesn't even begin to describe what took place.

The 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant will have 88 women competing on Sunday, and this year they decided to add a little pre-game action to the mix. The National Costume show was intended to represent a crucial element of each contestant's national culture, which sounds interesting enough, and while some of the ladies kept it fairly straightforward, others just kind of ran amuck with it. Some costumes look traditional, but then you've got those that look as though they're auditioning to walk the next Victoria's Secret show, so I mean, it's all kinds of wild.

Intended or not, it definitely got people talking. And it's interactive, so even more fun! Starting Friday, you can vote for your favorite costume on the Miss Universe website, but 88 costumes are slightly overwhelming, so in case you missed the show, or just don't have the time or patience to scroll through all the pictures, I've rounded up some of the most buzz worthy costumes.

Miss Ireland

A celtic goddess.

Miss Argentina

This isn't an extremely revealing bathing suit — she actually used tan fabric in all the right ways.

Miss USA

As over-the-top as this is, you can't help but admit this costume (and the fact that she could walk in it) was pretty epic.

Miss Sri Lanka

I could care less how crazy it is, she wins because this was a DIY costume. I'm not kidding.

Miss Mexico

...or human peacock.

Miss Thailand

An elegant warrior princess.

Miss Jamaica

Britney Spears would have loved those green, sparkle panties in her 'I'm a Slave 4 You' days.

Miss Germany

Major adorable points, especially for those balloons.

Miss Indonesia

And the winner for tallest costume is...

Miss Venezuela

You know, beauty queens don't grow on trees.

Miss Singapore

I'm not entirely sure how this relates to Singapore, but it is galactically gorgeous.

Miss Finland

Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a pegacorn.

Miss Lithuania

It says a lot about the evening when this is probably the simplest costume of the night. But stunning, none-the-less.

Miss Puerto Rico

Costume, or wedding dress?

Miss Czech Republic

She may not be wearing wings, but that is one hemline.

Miss Canada

Didn't know Marie Antoinette was such a fan of hockey.

Miss India

Channeling a Bollywood star with a pretty sweet headdress.

Miss Colombia

Spray tan gone wrong, much?

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