Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad Will Make You Cry

by Nicole Pomarico

Deep emotions and beer commercials: Two things that typically don't go hand in hand. But, come Super Bowl XLIX, though, on Feb. 1? That's definitely allgoing to change all. If you watched last year, you probably remember Budweiser's commercial that focused on the crazy adorable friendship between one of Budweiser's famous Clydesdales and a puppy — it was so good, it basically made me want to go out and buy a horse to hang out with my dog and create a legendary friendship. This year, Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial will see the dog/horse friendship make a return... but in addition, something terrible is happening: The puppy is going to get lost! WHY, BUDWEISER, WHY?

At least, the puppy getting lost is what I gather from the title of the promo — "Lost Dog," and the accompanying GIFs Budweiser has released ahead of the commercial which will air in full during the Super Bowl.

As can be expected, of course... oh my god, they're adorable.

From the GIFs alone, I can kind of figure out what's going to happen in this promo, and it's kind of heartbreaking. Although the video isn't yet available (and there's no word of whether or not it will be before the Super Bowl), I can almost guarantee it's going to make all of us cry. You know, if sad puppies in the rain make you emotional.

But first, watch the commercial from last year to refresh your memory of how this all went down:

Now, our job is to decipher the next chapter.

The dog is gone, and the horse is sad.

Have you ever seen a more emotional horse? You know, outside of My Little Pony? How could this puppy just leave the horse and all they had together? I think that horse is crying. And I didn't know horses could cry.

And the puppy is just out, taking on the town...

Just happily skipping along. You do you, puppy. If you need awhile to find yourself and run down the street alone, then you should totally do it. Just keep in mind that there's a really sad horse at home, wishing you'd come back. Soooo, actually, maybe you're being a little selfish.

...until it starts raining.

This. This is why I'm going to cry. Because this dog is stuck somewhere, in the rain, cold and scared and without his horse best friend to comfort him. It's official: Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial is going to make us all cry. Again.

For the next chapter in the story, should Budweiser keep up the trend in 2016, I'm going to go ahead and put in a request that the next commercial feature the dog and the horse striking out on their own in a Homeward Bound situation that has an amazingly happy ending and no rainfall. Please, Budweiser? My heart can't take any more of this.

Images: YouTube, Giphy (3)