J.Lo Looks Different Without Bronzer

Knew it. Nobody can be that tan the whole year round. Jennifer Lopez made a make-up free appearance on Friday, and though she still looks fantastic without any cosmetics (woman just does not age), she's surprisingly way paler than I would have thought she was. Bronzer is a girl's best friend, no?

The 45-year-old singer and actress was seen out and about in New York City on Friday, in the midst of her promotional tour for her new movie, The Boy Next Door, without any make-up on. With her signature long, wavy locks pulled up in a tight ballerina bun, Lopez's fresh face was all the more visible as she walked around NYC in a fur collared trench coat, leggings, and high top sneakers. Not surprisingly, she doesn't really look any different without eye makeup. Surprisingly, J.Lo is legit pale. Which is kind of amazing, because it makes her seem actually somewhat more human (though she's still a genetically gifted goddess, of course). So I guess Jennifer's perfect golden glow isn't exactly au natural, but is the work of some pretty great bronzer. Or maybe a spray tan. Either way — I'm going to want some beauty recs, J.Lo.

Images: Getty Images; thegossipdiva/Instagram