Bieber Pulls Most Ridiculous Stunt Yet

Oh, I can't resist this. Who can, really? It's just so perfect. I don't care if the dude twisted his tiny, avian ankle and that's why he needed assistance, the photo alone is priceless, regardless of cause. Justin Bieber was carried by bodyguards up the Great Wall of China. In Asia on tour, Bieber was evidently all tuckered out and enlisted the help of his help to hoist him on their shoulders and parade him up the steps like the goddamn king that he is.

Thing is, I don't know if this burning sensation I'm feeling is that of extreme enmity or overwhelming jealously. I mean, let's be honest with ourselves, folks: stairs suck. So do uphill ramps. Add to that the elevation issues and the thin air and the inevitability that those street meat dumplings never, ever sit well and yeah, pretty sure you, too, would make the men, whom you pay pretty well, carry your ass up the Great Wall, as well.

If you're worried about the bodyguards becoming over-developed on their upper body, don't worry: Bieber gave them a lower body work out the next day. When little Justin wanted to go skateboarding around town, his security team had to jog next to him in order to offer solid protection.

I can't decide if this is Bieber's real life or a plot line out of First Kid, but either way? Into it.

His Highness on the Great Wall:

Your leader on a skateboard:

Images: BelieveTourUpdates/Twitter; KidrauhlsShovel/Twitter