18 Valentine's Day Gifts For In-Laws & Parents, Because It Feels Good Being The Favorite Daughter Sometimes

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Remember when you used to be able to stamp your fingerprint in the middle of a construction paper heart or glue some marshmallows to a homemade card, and win your parents' love forever? Picking out Valentine's Day gifts for parents may have gotten a little trickier as time passed on — especially now that you may have presents for in-laws to shop for as well. It's hard being a people pleaser, isn't it? But fret not, because here's a list of 18 gadgets, gizmos, and just plain cute stuff I think will put you on everyone's love list this Valentine's Day. The last thing anyone needs is a mad mother-in-law, so don't limit your V-Day gifts to only your significant other — get something for the people who made them, and obviously, the people who made you!

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